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Eurotubs  - the largest independant allround Hot Tub specialist...
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Eurotubs is the largest independant supplier of woodburning Hot Tubs in Europe. In our approach your wish will be our demand as far as possible.  In practice this means that we will always first consider your wishes and needs, then we will advice you about the best models.  We can supply more than 250 models.
All our basic Hot tubs will be produced for 60-80% on a standard basis in Scandinavie, the Netherlands or the Baltic States.  For about 20-40%  your Hot Tub will be finished customer made in Rijssen at our own premises. Due to this approach we are able to supply any Hot tub you like.
Production and wharehouse.
Development, Production and Trade......
Due to our broad network we are improving and developing new models for the future. This is why for example the plastic Hot Tub market has developed very rapidly the last few years.  More and more also the traditional woodburning Hot tub market is overlapping the trendy jacuzzi market by implementing bubblesystems and jetstream facilities.  
Thanks to our own Maintenance and Repair department in Raalte you may express your own wishes with regards to covers, protective fences in your Hot tub, edges on top, steps, filtration systems, bubblesystems, whirlpoolsystems, internal or external heaters, built in models etc. etc.. 
Finisching on customer demand......in Rijssen
In practice this means that in most cases we are able to supply a woodburning Hot tub, Hot Tubs made of wood, plastic or aluminium. Apart from long term continuity by spreading risks, it is our aim to strive for high customer satisfaction by delivering the highes price/quality.
Thanks to our approach for long term continuity and continuous improvement out woodburning Hot Tubs can be found in various countries like Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Uk, Ireland and Scotland, Scandinavia and Macedonia.  
Quality is one, but of course price is important as well.  It is our strategy to supply any Hot tub directly from one of our factories to the final customer any where in Europe.  We do not work with dealerships, but have own showrooms in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK and are looking for further expansion elsewhere. Important to know is that on all orders which have been concluded via one of our sales offices, the same prices and conditions will apply.
We are therefore convinced to supply you those Hot tubs that meet the highest price / quality ratio's.
Ard and Rianne