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Which Hot Tub to choose ?



Important decisions for a good selection.

We can supply most models woodburning Hot Tubs (more than 250 models), we like to supply a Hot Tub which suits YOUR requirements.  Therefore we will be starting with your wishes and requirements.

Herewith we'd like to provide you some more explanation about the variances between Hot tub models.  Once you have read this page, you will be able to make the best selection our of our large portfolio. At the end we will give you the opportunity to select any model our of our database and receive a quick quotation within 5 minutes by Email. 

The following decisions need to be made :

  1. Hot Tub made of wood only, or with plastic interior ;
  2. Internal or external heater ;
  3. Straight walls or Tapered walls (conic shaped);
  4. Free standing model or built in - model ;
  5. Which woodspecie ;
  6. Sizes and dimensions.


1.  Hot Tub made of Wood or Plastic (with decorative wood)?



The original wooden Hot Tubs look very natural and will give you in principle the best atmosphere. Many people will agree on this.

Hot water in a real wooden bath are the two conditions for real wellness. However a wooden bath on itself should always be filled with water to avoid leaking. This is what some people sometimes forget, a wooden bath always needs to be filled with water. Otherwise the wood will dry and shrink and finally leak.

The fact that a wooden Tub always need to be filled with water implicates a lot.... Because how to deal with it during wintertimes (frostperiods) and what to do with waterfiltration ? Unless you will be prepared to refresh your wooden bath every 1-2 weeks, the alternative will be to buy a good filtrationsystem. Otherwise the algae will work and your bath will feel very smooth and sometimes dirty. 

Once a wooden Tub needs to be cleaned, you often need a good brush with green soap to keep it in good condition.

Secondly wintertime may cause you some more headache, unless you will have arranged some precautions like a little circulationpump or electrical heating system to keep your bath at a minimum temperature level.  Keeping the bath empty may cause some problems after a while.

Plastic Hot tubs (with decorative wood around) however can be kept empty ! Although at first sight they may look less natural, the practical advantages are many:

  • Plastic hot Tubs kan be kept empty, same as your bath in a bathroom;
  • The plastic Hot Tub is easy to clean with a sponge;
  • Longer lifetime, after 15 years you can buy new planks and you wiill have a new hot Tub!;
  • Generally the plastic tub is perceived as more hygienic.

Our plastic Hot Tubs are made of different kinds of plastic, however can be delivered with different levels of wooden finishing.  Plastic hot Tubs therefore can be finished with wooden benches when you like, or with a nice wooden edge on top!

 Plastic Hot Tub with Thermowood finishing and wooden edge on top..



2.  Hot Tub with internal- or external heater ? 


Traditionally a woodburned Hot Tub has been equipped with an internal heater, simply because the heating process was quicker compared with an external one.  A heater placed inside the Hot tub will be heating up the water from all sides. However since a few years more and more Hot Tubs are equipped with an external version as well. Therefore we would like you to give an updat on the various advantages and disadvantages :

Advantages internal heater :

  • Atmosphere :  Enjoy the crackling wood from an inside heater;
  • Faster heating process with a cheaper heater ;
  • internal heaters are more effective because they are standing in the water, and therefore a bit cheaper. More expensive extenal heaters (with higher capacity like ) require more capacity to achieve the same results. 

Advantages external heater:

  • More space, more freedom of movement;
  • You can easily clean the stove by taking out the ashtray;
  • Safety, you will feel less contact with a heater inside your Hot tub. 

For built in models we generally advice only to use an internal heater. 



3.  Hot tub with straight walls or tapered walls. 

Traditionally the wood burning Hot Tubs have been made of straight walls, they looked like a straight barrel.  Many people still like this straight model.  From the outside many straight models look good, however once you would compare them with the more conic versions, you will really feel the diffference.  A conic shaped Hot Tub, or better said tapered version will give you a much better sitting comfort. (same like jacuzzi)


Our tapered versions have tapered walls with broad benches of about 35-40 cm width.  

In case you prefer the straight model, please check the width of the benches. 


4.   Free standing Hot Tub or built in model ?

Traditionally woodburning Hot Tubs were built above the ground, they were free standing. On itselves quite logical as you will be able to enjoy optimal from the environment and a warm bath. More and more people however decide to buy a (partially) built in model.   


Main advantages of a built in model can be :

  • Less prominent in a smaller garden;
  • Better accessibility for disabled people;
  • Price will be more beneficial.


5.  Which kind of wood 

Our Hot Tubs can be made or finished in various woodspecies like :  Spruce, Larch, Ashwood, Oak, Thermowood or Red Cedar.  Which wood you like to have depends on the following:

  • Your budget;
  • Acceptable maintenance level;
  • Personal preference / esthetics.


Cheaper but more maintenance :

Most of the times Spruce (white coloured) is the cheapest option but needs to be impregnated from the outside twice a year. Larch (bit more red/brown colour) is a bit more durable and needs to be treated with line seed oil 2-3 times a year. In case the maintenance will be no issue, Spruce or Larch are still good alternatives.

More expensive, but with far less maintenance:

Although Oak is very durable, it is less suitable for woodburning hot tubs due to the fact that it wll work a lot during wet and dry seasons. Thermowood and Red Cedar are more soft woodspecies, will not work and are most durable.

Most of our collections are therefore finished with Thermowood.
6)  Hot Tub dimension

We generally advice our customers not to choose for the largest Hot Tub models, due to longer heating up times.  

The following dimensions are applicable when using an internal heater. 

- 150 cm diameter Hot Tub,   2-3 persons;  
- 160 cm diameter Hot Tub,   3-4 persons;
- 170 cm diameter Hot Tub,   4-5 persons;
- 180 cm diameter Hot Tub,   5-6 persons;
- 190 cm diameter Hot Tub,   6-7 persons; 
- 200 cm diameter Hot Tub,   7-8 persons;
- 220 cm diameter Hot Tub,   9-10 persons.